∆ČogeAPI Is Shutting Down

Someone was attacking the site, which lead to a technical error that caused our wallet to become corrupt, then overwritten. They never got access to the server, it was basically a DDOS. We have some of the coin in cold storage and have backups of the wallet. We have recovered the overwritten file and extracted the private keys, recovering pretty much all of the coin in that wallet.

We haven't had the resources to properly take care of DogeAPI for a while now. We haven't made any money running it. With the constant attacks and problems that come with running a site like this one we can't just let it be without actively working on it and defending it. So we are shutting it down. The service will not come back online. Users of the site will get an email within the next week detailing how to withdraw their doge.

We could resume the service and put the site back up. But we feel it is only a matter of time before a bug or hacker causes a problem we cannot fix and our users lose their doge. This is the last thing we want to happen, so in the best interest of everyone involved, we are calling it quits.

We will probably release a simplified version of the site open source so that the community can run their own APIs. We love the dogecoin community and we are sorry to all of those who built services on our API.

Do not send doge to any addresses hosted by DogeAPI. You will probably not be able to recover any funds sent after the downtime began.

We hope you understand,

The DogeAPI Team

For those looking for an alternative API I would highly recommend Block.io built by the guy who made SoChain. They have no fees, it is easy to get started, and their software is rock solid. I know the people working on it and they are great guys.

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